Links to various places

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Los Angeles Science Fiction Society

The On-line Computer Dictionary

The Geek Code

Project Linus, bringing secruity blankets to children undergoing chemotherapy

One laptop Per child, providing laptops to children in third-world contries

Sealand, the world's smallist country

An Excellent reading program for children of all ages

Locks of Love, making real-hair wigs for needy children., a good, inexpensive hosting company.

Win prizes for searching at Blingo

Roadside America, an archive of roadside attractions and monuments.

Daily Wave, a great source for interesting .wav files.

Get handmade arrowhead jewelry and knapping supplies at Phoenix Obsidian Designes

Test your typing speed

Links to various Comic Strip Archives

United Media

King Features

Mother Goose and Grimm

User Friendly


Ozy and Millie

Fun sites with a little more "bite."

It's a Dysfunctional Life

The Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Contest

The Eye of Argon, an accidental classic of Thud and Blunder

The Bastard Operator From Hell, everybody's worst nightmare of a network operator.

The Darwin awards, given to people who improve the gene pool by leaving it.

The Hall of Broken Memories, a listing of spoilers for all your childhood favorites. Warning: adult content.

The Excuse of the Day Server, for when you aren't sure why something isn't working.