Greyed out Save Password in Windows Dial-Up Networking

Sometimes, Windows's Dial-Up Networking connections just won't allow you to save the password. No matter what you do, the check-box is greyed out. Here's a few tricks to get it working again.

First, go to Control Panel, Network. If Client for Microsoft Networks is not installed, click Add, Client, Add. When the list of manufacturers comes up, select MicroSoft. Client for Microsoft Networks will be highlighted. If you're using Windows98, select Microsoft Family Logon instead. Click OK. Click OK again and let your computer reboot. You will probably be prompted to enter a user name and password to enter Windows. Enter a user name, but no password and click OK. It will ask you to confirm your password. Click OK again. This will give you one user profile with no password; you won't be asked again. You should be able to save your password.

If this doesn't work, go back to Control Panel, Passwords. Select Profile Management. Select Users can customize their desktops and check the two sub-boxes. Click OK and restart. This may well do the trick.

If you have several Dial-Up Networking connections, and any of them do not have their passwords saved, newer connections may not allow saving passwords; check for this.

If you still can't save your password, search for *.pwl and rename or delete all you find. These are the password files for your user profiles. If any are corrupt, this can cause it. Reboot, create a new profile as above.

If all else fails, and you are using Windows95 (not Windows98) download greypwfix and run it. This is a program that was once available from Microsoft, but is now hard to find. They claim that it works when all else fails.

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