The Tech Support Koan

The tech support guru sat at his desk and was pleased. The phone fire-wall was working, and the pimply-faced youths that composed it were dealing with the callers, keeping them from bothering the guru. Then the phone rang.

"I have a caller on the line using Windows95," said a Pimply Faced Youth. "His modem does not sync with ours. Should I remove and replace TCP/IP?"

"No," said the guru. "If the modem does not sync, TCP/IP hasn't started. Check the modem."


The guru surfed the web for several minutes. Then the phone rang again.

"I'm still having trouble with the caller who's modem doesn't sync. I've removed and replaced TCP/IP, but it doesn't help. Should I uninstall and reinstall Dial-Up Networking?"

"No," replied the guru. "If the modem doesn't sync, Dial-Up Networking has nothing to do with the problem. Check the modem."

The guru continued to surf the web. The phone rang again.

"Hi," said the PFY, "I'm stuck on that call with the modem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Dial-Up Networking, but his modem doesn't sync. Would you take the call?"

"OK," sighed the guru, "transfer him to me; I'll email you and let you know what I did."

The guru took the call and went right to the modem properties. He quickly found out that the modem settings were wrong and corrected them. The member's modem synced and he was connected. After the call, the guru emailed the PFY to tell him how the issue was resolved so that he could become enlightened. Alas, it was at the end of shift and the PFY was in a hurry to go home. He deleted the email without reading it and was not enlightened.

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